Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Just Cashed In

I just cashed in on several of the survey sites that I use and will be finishing up Christmas and putting some towards our vacation in a few weeks:

MySurvey - I requested a $20 check.

InboxDollars - I requested a $29.55 check.  I had $32.55 in my account.  You have to have $30 in your account to request payment and they take $3 out for processing.  But they give you $5 just to sign up and they put $3 right back into your account as a payment bonus.

Opinion Outpost - I got $29 in Amazon Credits.  You have to have 50 points to request Amazon Credits or 100 to request a $10 payment into your PayPal account.

Mindfield Online - I got $24 in Amazon Credits.  You can also request a check. You only have to have $5 to cash out.

SurveySpree - I got $25 in Amazon Credits.  You get $5 just for signing up.

I also have money in my SurveySavvy account but I'm going to wait to cash out.  You can cash out at anytime with SurveySavvy.

So, doing surveys and searching on Swagbucks this year has more than paid for Christmas and probably my vacation - depending on how much we spend.

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