Monday, December 31, 2012

Keeping It Clean or Trying To

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to keep my fridge clean and clutter free in order to reduce waste.  So, as a jump start I cleaned out the fridge today. It was interesting.  And by interesting I mean disgusting and nightmare inducing.  A lot of stuff went south during the Holidays.  I also had quite a few things that needed to be used up pronto so here's what I did:

- I used a couple boxes of Pillsbury Pie Crusts and made homemade pop-tarts.

- I used up some potatoes, onions and bacon to make some Vegetable Beef Soup (which freezes nicely by the way if you store them in plastic containers)

- I made Pita Chips out of some Pita Bread and dunked them in some yummy Wholly Salsa.

- I made some Banana Bread with mushy bananas.  I know this is a shocker to those who have been following my blog for awhile. ;o)

- I peeled and separated some Tangerines and froze them - they'll go great in some smoothies later

- I froze the ham leftover from the Christmas party.

I've been a busy little beaver today!  And I still have a garage full of wrapping paper and boxes to get rid of. They won't all fit in the recycle bin so I guess I'll just put it in a little at a time.

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