Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 in Review

I finally took the time to enter the rest of my receipts into my spreadsheet and did the numbers. Here are my stats for the year 2012:

I saved $11,387.22 with coupons and sales - my goal was to save at least $10,000 and I met my goal! Yay!

My most viewed post in 2012 was Kool Aid vs Soda

My highest savings in a single transaction was at Kohl's where I saved $594.38.

This year I'm aiming for a savings of at least $12,500.  I know it'll be harder with rising prices, but I have faith.  :o)  And like I tell everyone who is just starting with couponing - It gets easier with time and you learn more and more as you go along.  Don't get frustrated!

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  1. That is an impressive number for one year. Good luck with your new goal!