Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Take It Off Of The Top

I've gotten quite a few questions about some savings that I'm posting and this post is just a little way to sum it all up.  What exactly is Saving Star, Ibotta and Endorse?  That's what I'm here to tell ya!

First, we'll start with Saving Star.  This program works by linking all of your participating loyalty cards to your account.  You must log in often and click the "I Want This!" button before you purchase the item.  When you purchase the item the amount of the eCoupon goes into you SavingStar account.  Sometimes it can take a couple of weeks.  When you get $5 in your account you can cash out by PayPal, Bank Deposit, Amazon Gift Codes or donate to charity.

Next, we'll talk about Ibotta.  I'm fairly new to this program, but it's super easy and I love it!  You'll need to have an iPhone or Droid based smartphone to use this app.  How it works is you choose which products that you want to redeem for.  They make you work a little for it by answering super short polls or posting to your Facebook account.  When you purchase the product you chose from a participating store just download the receipt and get money put into your account.  It usually only takes like an hour for my money to go through.  You can cash out by PayPal when you get $5 in your account or donate to a school.

And last, we'll talk about Endorse.  I'm also new to this, but it's similar to Ibotta in that you'll need a smartphone in order to get savings.  But with Endorse you can download a receipt and you get a percentage back in cash.  And the big difference is that there isn't a list of participating stores.  You can purchase items at any store and still receive credit.

What do all of these have in common?  They let you earn money in addition to any paper or other eCoupons you use.  They help you get the absolute most for your money.  Give them a try.  Let me know what you think.

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