Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hey, guys!  I'm still here.  Things have been hectic lately and I'm still working on the new site.  I'll hopefully have it up soon.  I also wanted to touch on a subject that I've been emailed about a lot lately.  Sequestration.  We are also feeling the effects of this Sequestration.  My husband is a civilian employee and if they don't come to an agreement soon he will be furloughed.  This will take a huge chunk out of our income.  I am in the process of trying to find a job because if he is furloughed we won't be able to make ends meet without me working.  I don't try to talk politics on here, but I am sure that weakening our country's defenses is not a smart move for our government in times like these.  That's all I'm going to say from a personal perspective because I don't want a lot of hate-mail filling my inbox today. ;o)
To help out as much as I can I will blog more often, but be sure to check this site often because Facebook hides my posts - I don't pay for advertising.  As we all know grocery budgets are the easiest to manipulate.  Finding good deals on food will definitely help everyone out.  I will start blogging the very best deals at both Kroger and Publix.  Both stores double coupons in the Savannah area.
And if you have questions about Sequestration and how it affects you I have found the site HERE to have the best answers to questions.

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  1. My cousin got into Miami on Sunday from South America, the lines to get through customs were over an hour. She didn't know about Sequestration!

    Don't know-check this out