Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The "Donut Sammich"

I know it looks like I buy a lot of junk food and I do.  But the truth is I limit how much of this cheap/free junk my kids can have.  Yes, I'm mean.  I've even been told by other moms that I'm too strict.  It's cool, because I know somewhere out there there's a mom that's way worse than me.  I'm sure I've read their blogs before. ;o)  Anyhoo, when my kids go for the pack of cookies I say "Hey! Why don't I make you a sandwich?"  When they go for the marshmallows I say "Hey! Why don't I make you a sandwich?"  And when they go for the chocolate chips I say "Hey!  Why don't I make you a sandwich"  You'd think I would have seen it coming...but I didn't.
Yesterday, Conner went to the pantry and climbed like a little monkey and got the bag of mini donuts my dad brought the kids.  I thought I had it hid good, but my kids are like little hound dogs - they sniff it out.  I took the donuts away and told him I would make him something else in just a sec (I was in the middle of something.)  A minute later he comes walking by with something in his hands.  I asked him what he had and he said "A sammich."  I said "Oh, Ok." and went back to clicking away on the computer.  Then I realized that he couldn't get into the fridge and he had no clue how to make a PB&J or if he did he couldn't have made it without a terrible mess.  I went to see this "sandwich" and found something interesting.  It was a sandwich alright, but it was made of mini sugar powdered donuts.  I asked him why he was eating something so gross and he said "But it's a sammich!!"
Lesson learned.

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