Saturday, April 13, 2013

Let's Be Kind

While I was out in town the other day I was walking through Wally World when I heard a baby crying.  And it was crying rather loudly.  The lady beside me made the comment "Somebody needs to slap that kid to shut it up."  Really?  That's your reaction to a crying baby?  People are cruel and insensitive.  My first reaction was "I wonder if I can help?" 
You see, my nephew who is now gone from this world was born with a slew of health problems.  His long list of ailments included Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy along with the fact that he was born prematurely.  I remember too well shopping with my sister and he would start crying and wouldn't stop.  Premature babies do that especially ones with severe health problems.  I also remember the looks from other people we got when he wouldn't stop crying.  What I remember most of all was the look of desperation on my sister's face when we had to leave the store and she didn't get her shopping done.  At the time she was married to the sorriest piece of crap on the planet and was dealing with all of this on her own.
The moral of my little story?  Don't be so quick to judge.  Instead of criticizing that young mother how about you give her some help or encouraging words?  Why don't you offer to help her with the baby so she can get her groceries?  That's what I did and I could tell by the look on that young girl's face that it was a blessing.  I held her baby so she could get a few things and I then helped her out to her car with her stuff.  My three year old looked at me and said "I have a sweet mommy."  He gets it.  Because the truth of the matter is you don't know what someone is dealing with.  We are all in this world together so let's try to be kind to one another.

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