Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Free Advice

So the other day I was at Wally World picking up a prescription and it was a long line.  Sitting over to the side all by its lonesome was the blood pressure machine.  I decided to have a sit and just see what it says.  I wasn't really expecting any bad results.  It was just a way to pass the time.  The first time I did it my blood pressure was 135 over 95.  What?  Even the little old man behind me said "Honey, that's too high."  I thought to myself that I moved too much or something.  I did it again staying really still.  It was still too high - 135 over 94.

What in the world?

I've never had problems with my blood pressure except when I was pregnant, but I had problems with my pregnancies so it was expected.

This may very well be why I've been experiencing so many headaches.  My doc says that I have to do more exercising and lower my salt intake along with eating better which I've been doing this past week anyway so I'm on my way to getting it back to normal.

My advice?  Use the free blood pressure machines at Wally World or Sam's - even if you think you're OK with your blood pressure.  It only takes a sec to check it.

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