Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I Need Some Feedback

This has been in the works for awhile now and I really need some feedback from you guys.  I am thinking of getting certified as a Consumer Counselor.  I have helped tons of people get out of debt and manage their money and am thinking of making a career out of it.  I definitely have the knowledge and resources, but I'm not sure if I have a big enough audience to make this a go.  I've been hearing for years now that I should do this.  My fees would be a LOT less than what a regular bank or financial advisor would charge.  This way I get to help people get ahold of their lives and help mine as well.

I really need to hear what you guys think.  You can leave a comment here or send me a private message to  Come on guys.  Help me out!  Let me know what you really think.

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  1. Amy, go for it! People telling you that you should do it, why wait?

    Whatever you decide I know you will succeed.

  2. Woukd you work online?

  3. Yes, this is something I could do locally, online, over the phone and by mail.