Tuesday, February 04, 2014

My Weekly Rant

I meant to blog about this over the weekend, but we were all under the weather so I didn't get around to it.  I just wanted to vent about something.  While I was at Publix last week there was a gentleman (and I say that loosely) that was in front of me in line.  At first, I didn't listen too much to what he was saying to the guy in front of him, but then some choice (vulgar) words caught my attention.  He was discussing an argument that he and his wife had about household duties.  Why would you discuss such a thing with a stranger?

I did a bad thing.  I started eavesdropping.  I listened intently on him throwing out words like "expected" and "womanly duties."  From what I heard his wife was having problems with not only doing all of the household chores after getting home from work, but also with the way he treated her (I couldn't imagine.)  He tried a couple of times to get me engaged in the conversation, but I try to limit my interactions with chauvinistic people.  Everyone is equal in my eyes.

And while I didn't take part in the whole conversation I did have one thing to say to him: You cannot expect your wife to work a full time job like it's the 21st century and then come home and act like an 18th century housewife.

He didn't have much to say after that.  I feel that this type of thing should be discussed between a couple and not between strangers at the grocery store.  The decisions they make are their business, but clearly she isn't happy or she wouldn't have brought it up.  Most people want to come home and rest after working all day, but there's cooking dinner, cleaning up after dinner, washing dishes, helping kids with homework, getting the kids baths, doing laundry, etc.  I feel that if she's having trouble doing it all then he needs to listen to his wife and work on it.

Right now, I handle all of the household duties because it's what we chose for me to do.  I am staying home with the kids and handling the house until they all get in school.  When I get a full time job I most certainly won't feel like doing everything and some compromises will need to be made.

It's time for society to let go of the "a woman's place is barefoot in the kitchen" mentality.  We no longer live in those times.

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