Tuesday, February 11, 2014

One Day...

...I will need to repaint my house.  And as odd as it sounds it makes me sad.  Our children, like most, have decorated parts of this house with their artwork.  Pencils, crayons and markers always find their way to the walls.  Some I quickly wipe away, but others touch me in a way that I won't erase them.  And as much as my hubby hates it I leave them.  I know that with a quick swipe with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser the marks will be gone.  Like they never happened.

And one day we will move.  We don't plan to live here forever.  As much as I love this house and our neighbors this country girl was not meant to live in a subdivision.  My soul yearns for open spaces where I can run and be free.  And someone else will be living in this house walking around the spaces that we used to.  They'll be walking up the stairs that my children slid down many times. And they won't know about all of the beautiful artwork hidden under that fresh layer of paint.

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