Saturday, June 28, 2014

Gluten Free - Educate Yourself

While I was out shopping this past week I was checking out the baking mixes and watched a lady pick up a "Gluten Free" mix that was $.45 more expensive than the regular mix.  And you know me - always trying to save people money.  I asked her if she realized she was grabbing the "Gluten Free" kind that was more expensive and she said she was "giving up gluten."  I was a little confused.  I asked if she had Celiac disease or had gluten sensitivities.  She said that she didn't, but that she just wanted to eat healthier.

Ok, I understand the wanting to eat healthier deal, but unless you have Celiac Disease or have definite sensitivities to gluten going "gluten free" won't help your health.  In other words if you don't have these ailments you're just paying $.45 extra for the words "gluten free."  Companies have realized that many people catch on to these fad diets.  That's why all of a sudden you see "gluten free" products everywhere - with a higher price tag in most cases.

Do me a favor.  Check with your doctor.  See what he/she has to say about a "gluten free" diet and if it may help you.  In most cases it won't. Companies are using wording to make you pay more.
Don't play their game.

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