Saturday, June 28, 2014

Our $10.63 Date Night

We're not big selfie takers...can you tell?

My hubby and I don't get a lot of date nights like we used to.  Life has a way of making us too busy and distracted.  I do believe that it's important for couples to have date nights and time away from the kiddos - even if you're not sure how to act without them.  ;-)

Last night we had a date night and it cost us a total of $10.63.  Well, that's not including the $1.16 we spent at Home Depot.  Yes.  We make stops in at Home Depot on our date nights.  Doesn't everybody?

First off, we paid $0 for babysitting.  We were lucky to have my mother & father in law to stop by and watch the kiddos for a few hours.

Next, we ate at Seasons of Japan.  Last week I got a $20 voucher for only $8 from Living Social.  I shared the special link they gave me with my friends on Facebook and since three of them also bought it I got reimbursed the $8 - making my $20 voucher free.
Our total at the restaurant came to $8.59 after our $20 voucher.

After we stuffed ourselves silly with yummy food we headed over to the movie theater.  I had some free movie tickets from purchasing Kellogg's products with Spidey Codes on them.  I spent $2.04 after coupons on 12 cereals that had codes on them - 6 codes gets you a free movie ticket.  This made our movie tickets $1.02 each.
We watched How To Train Your Dragon 2 because it was the only thing that was interesting to us and wasn't sold out.
We did feel VERY guilty about watching it without the kids.  So, I'll be taking them next week to see it.  And I must say it really was a GREAT movie.  It made me laugh and cry.

After we got out we stopped by Starbucks to get a couple of White Chocolate Mocha's. YUMMY!  This also cost us nothing because I got a $10 voucher last week from Groupon.  I used my credits from sharing deals to get it for free.
Free is how I roll.

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