Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Frugal New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year again...thinking of the next year which is less than two weeks away. What can I do differently?  What more can I do to save my family money?  I'm the "saver" in the family and my hubby is the "spender."  So, I really have to be the voice of reason when it comes to money.

And the bad thing is that even though I used my coupons and deal shopped this past year, I really didn't stick to our budget - at all.  It was really kind of blown each month.  While I didn't buy a lot of unnecessary things I didn't stick to the monthly amount that we allotted for groceries and household items.

For 2015 I'm getting back on track with so many things.  First off, I got a Fitbit Flex and will be doing more running like I used to.  Running always helps me unwind and makes me feel better about myself.  Talk about endorphins!!! I've been wanting a Fitbit Flex for awhile and I know that this little device will keep me motivated.  Even though saving money is really important your health is WAY more important.  Living a healthy lifestyle will in turn cut down costs on medical expenses.

Another thing that I will be changing is buying less water bottles.  We drink a LOT of water here and I really hate filling my recycle bin up with all of those bottles.  Having the bottles are handy on the go, but there are cheaper ways to get our water.  I just ordered a PUR 18 Cup Dispenser and will be putting it in our fridge.  I also ordered some Camelbak Kid's Eddy Water Bottles that the kids can put their water in.  And I ordered myself and my hubby the Basily Tritan Infuser Water Bottles.   I love infusing my waters with strawberries and kiwi fruits.  So good!!

Another thing that I will do better in the coming year is organizing my paperwork.  I will be keeping all receipts and filing them.  I ordered the Oxford Decoflex Black Desktop File to keep on the cabinet by my desk.  This will make it easy for me to file everything and I can easily look at my receipts to see exactly where our money is going.

As far as groceries go I will be more picky about what I buy.  I just recently cleaned out my pantry and realized that I bought so much stuff that we really didn't need.  I have this habit of buying anything that is a good deal thinking that if we don't use it I will find someone who will.  Then it gets stuck in my black hole of a pantry - only to be found one day when it's way past the expiration date.
I'll also be making up weekly menus based on what's on sale that week so I'll know exactly what I need.  That's not my favorite way to grocery shop, but it keeps me from making extra trips to the store for ingredients.

In addition to all of this I will be blogging more.  I've had this blog for over 5 years. And I really thought that I wasn't reaching many with my posts.  I kept posting the weekly deals at Publix, but worried that what I was doing really wasn't helping.  Then about a month ago I overheard two ladies at Publix talking about a blog that they loved.  It peaked my interest and I eavesdropped.  Don't judge. ;-)  Turns out they were talking about my blog.  I guess I do reach more people than I thought I did, so I'll keep on keeping on and I'll be more active with my readers.

What are your plans for the new year?  Come on, spill it. ;-)

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