Thursday, January 08, 2015

Home Schooling

My husband and I have been considering taking our children out of public schools and home schooling them.  We have talked to a few parents that home school their children and done some research.  I'm anxious to hear what others have to say as well.  This is a BIG decision and we want to make sure that we are doing the right thing.

So far the pros are outweighing the cons.  Do any of my readers home school their children?  If so, what curriculum do you use?  What advice can you offer?  I am not happy with Common Core curriculum so state based home schooling will not be what I'm looking for.

We are anxious to hear what other parents have to say.  If you don't feel comfortable leaving a comment on this blog please email me at

Thank you!

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  1. I have been considering the same. I'm scared of the schools now days. They are only going to get worse.