Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ways To Save Using Amazon - Some You May Not Know About

I've been using Amazon for well over 10 years...possibly 15.  I'm a homebody so I like ordering stuff and it showing up on my doorstep.  Well over half of our Christmas presents each year are bought from Amazon.  It's also our go to place for music and movie downloads.  I use it so much it's my homepage on my computer.

There's so many ways to save on Amazon that most people don't even know about.  I was having a conversation with a friend recently and I was telling her how I get my deals on Amazon.  She had no idea about some of them.  If she didn't know I'm sure there's others out there who also aren't aware of these little hacks as well.

So, here's my little save even more money with Amazon post.

  • Amazon Prime 
I know that the $99 fee for Amazon Prime (One Year Membership) wouldn't make sense to everyone, but if you do a lot of purchasing through Amazon you may want to evaluate it and see if it would benefit you.  My husband mistakenly signed up for it last year so I've been taking advantage of all the goodies that comes with the subscription.  We definitely loved the free two day shipping closer to Christmas.  A lot of times we chose a slower ship so that we could get digital credit.  My kids love watching all of the Prime movies and I love all the streaming music you can listen to.  I've also taken advantage of the Prime Pantry feature that they recently added.  His mistake ended up benefiting us.

  • Warehouse & Outlet Deals
Under the Full Store Directory near the very bottom beside the "Bargains" tab you'll find a tab that states Warehouse Deals.  Click on that baby and enjoy some major savings. 

 The deals are usually very limited to only a few if not only one of each item so if you want something jump on it fast.  And be sure to check it often as items are added regularly.  Some items aren't really rock bottom priced, but you will find some unbeatable deals.  Take some time and browse all of the Warehouse departments.  You'll be glad you did.
There's also an Outlet tab that you may want to check out.  I've found really deep discounts under the Warehouse deals, but the Outlet holds some goodies too. 

  • Ask For a Lower Price
I know that most people don't know about this feature. Under the description of an item you'll find a little link that says "tell us about a lower price." 

 If you've found the item you're looking at for a cheaper price on another site you can ask Amazon to match it.  Awesome, right?  I've never had to use it because Amazon has always had the cheaper deal on everything I've purchased, but the need still might arise one day.

  • Coupons
Amazon also has an awesome list of Coupons.  You'll need to check this page often also because they add them regularly. These coupons added with the free shipping offer (free with $35 purchase or free 2 day shipping with Prime) usually make for some great deals.

  • Subscribe & Save
If there are items that you buy regularly you can subscribe to get them at a schedule you choose and in return you'll get a nice discount.

You'll find this option on items like toothpaste, shampoo or other toiletry items.  Most items you can save an extra 5%, but you can save up to 15% on some items by choosing to subscribe.  And the best part is you can cancel at any time.  To cancel just hover over the "Your Account" tab at the top and click on the "Your Subscribe & Save Items."  Easy peasy.

  • Daily Deals & Lightning Deals
I'm sure most people have heard of Amazon's Lightning Deals and Daily Deals.  But if you haven't you can find them HERE.  The Deal of the Day is good all day long until sold out and the Lightning Deals are open for a limited time only and come open each hour.  The really good deals sell out quickly so if there's something you need don't wait on it.  Prime members also get early access to Lightning Deals.

  • Camel Camel Camel
Have you ever added an item to your Amazon cart only to come back 10 minutes and it has changed?  Sometimes it's higher and sometimes it's lower.  It happens to us all.  Camel Camel Camel tracks the pricing of Amazon products so you can make sure you're getting the absolute best price.  It's free to sign up and well worth your time to check it out.

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