Wednesday, June 03, 2015

So I Deleted The Facebook App On My Phone

Last night I was sitting at my desk and going over my Summer To Do list and realized that I had only knocked off six things. Just six. And I have a massive list of tasks I wanted to get accomplished before we start this whole homeschool gig. Where have my days gone? Granted, I have three very busy rascals who keep me hopping, but I'm sure I could get more done. I sat there deep in thought.

Then the very next thing I did was grab my phone. My intention was to see if I had a Facebook notification. And it hit me. Facebook drowns out most of my days. First, it starts with that little red number popping up letting me know that something on Facebook needs my attention. Then I get pulled into this world of beautiful pictures of my friends and their babies. There's tons of great recipes and also lots of negative junk that I wish I had never seen. That quick peek always turns into minutes and then hours.

Facebook is ruining my summer.

So, I deleted it from my phone.

I can't even tell you how many times I've picked up my phone today looking for that little red number on that little blue letter f.  I'll get used to it being gone, but for now I'm loving that I already knocked off four more things on my to do list. My family and friends know how to get in touch with me if they need me.

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