Friday, September 30, 2011

Drowning In Samples?

Question from a reader:

Hello Amy.  I read your blog almost everyday and love it.  I just had a quick question about samples.  I love to get them, but I've accumulated so much and am not sure what to do with them.  Any ideas would be helpful!  Thank you.


It's always fun to get a little something extra in the mail everyday.  It makes it easier to look at a stack of bills when you have a nice sample coming with it.  A few years ago I found the best way for me to use mine.  My mom LOVES samples.  She takes them when her and my dad go on trips.  So...each year I save all the samples I get and buy her a nice bag to put them all in and she gets it as one of her Christmas presents.  Sometimes it's a makeup bag and sometimes an overnight bag - whatever I can find a good deal on.  This year I may buy her a basket to put them in.  She looks forward to her little present each year.

Or if you're not going to use them you can always donate them.  Check with your local homeless or women's shelters.  These days every little bit helps and sadly budget cuts have made it hard for many shelters to get the items they need.
Thanks, Jill - I hope this helps!

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