Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Amish Friendship Bread

My hubby came home from work one day with a plastic baggy containing something that looked like mush.  On the bag it said "Day 1, Sunday 11/13."  I was instantly intrigued because, unlike myself, my hubby isn't much of the science experimental type.  He read the look on my face and said that a lady from work sent it to me - that it was called "Amish Friendship Bread."  He then handed me a sheet that gave precise directions on how to make the bread and share it with others.  It was going to take 10 days to make.  I looked at him and said "Well, you know I'll screw it up."  He just smiled and said "I think it'll be ok."  Each day I followed the directions and babied my little bag until Day 10 came around and then I made four baggies to give away as starters to friends and family and made two large loaves of the bread.  It was delicious.

I know you're thinking what on Earth does this have to do with Frugal Living?  Actually, I thought that this Amish Friendship Bread idea was a fantastic idea for the Christmas holidays.  And since you probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry anyway it wouldn't cost a whole lot.  The sheet that came with the starter said that you can only get the starter recipe from the Amish and you can't make your own.  I didn't believe this for one second because you can find just about anything online these days.  I set to Googling and wouldn't you know I found the recipe.  (sorry if this ruins the fun for some)

If you would like to start your own Amish Friendship Bread chain you can find the starter recipe HERE along with the directions.

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