Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Funny Frugal Story

Question from a reader:

Amy, I was wondering if you could share a funny frugal story with us.  I'm bored today at work.
thanks Megan

I'm sorry you're bored at work.  I do have a cute frugal story to share.  It's not hilarious so you don't have to brace yourself.  Back in July of 2006 my now hubby came home and said he wanted to take me some place nice to eat.  Am I going to argue? Nope.  Usually he asked where I would like to go, but this time he already had a place in mind.  He said he was taking me to Mary's Seafood & Steakhouse in Savannah - it's now closed :o(  I looked at him and said "Umm...I don't have a coupon for that place."  He just smiled and said it was ok.  I kept asking him what was up because he was acting so nervous.  We got to the restaurant and ordered our food and then he popped the question.  I was surprised, cried and could not stop looking at my gorgeous ring he got me.  Our waitress who witnessed the magic gave us a FREE bottle of wine to celebrate with.  And I'm talking a $55 bottle of wine.  I like my wine, but I would never order a $55 bottle of wine with my dinner.  And because I am the person that I am I tried to finish off the bottle of wine because it was free.  hahaha I was blitzed.

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