Sunday, December 11, 2011


Thanks for playing everyone!  My favorite Christmas movie has always been A Charlie Brown Christmas with Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer coming in a close second.  I used to choose a winner.

The winner of the 5 free Redbox codes is commenter #1:

Lori said:
Without a doubt my favorite Christmas movie is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer... claymation version. It was fun to watch when i was a kid and even better now watching it with my girls!

However, I didn't want Lynn and Kris to go out empty handed.  And because I'm resourceful I remembered that I had codes in some Fast Fixin' chicken nugget bags in the freezer.  I headed out to the garage and found two bags with codes.  So...both Lynn and Kris will get one free code each as well. 

I already have Lynn's email address, but I need Lori and Kris to email me ( so I can get your codes to you!

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