Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Green Edition

It's Friday and that means it's time for my Friday's Fabulous Finds. I shop around online and find good deals or interesting things I think others might like as well. Here's what caught my eye today:

BluApple - I would love to stock up on fruits and veggies when they're on sale, but they have a super short life.  I found this goodie at The Daily Grommet and I think it would be more than worth the price.  The starter kit costs $19.95 which includes two BluApples and twelve months of refills.

Green2 Laundry Washing Ball - The Truegreen Laundry Washing Ball is an alternative Earth friendly, people friendly product that replaces the need for any bleaches, harmful synthetic detergents, bleach alternatives or softeners that contain perfumes, dyes animal products or oils. It's a must for those with sensitive skin. It has a very long list of benefits.  You can wash 240 loads with only one ball.  The cost is $22.92 at  I usually purchase the 33 load bottles of All Free & Clear for about $5.  It would take more than 7 bottles of All detergent to equal what this ONE little ball can do. This saves you more than $12 just for the product.  Not to mention with this handy little ball you don't have to do a rinse cycle because there are no synthetic detergents or Tallows.  It's just an all around good product to use!

Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor - The price of power is only increasing, and the first step toward conservation is knowing where it's being wasted. Placed between any appliance and its outlet, Kill-a-Watt measures energy use by the kilowatt so you can calculate consumption patterns, assess appliance efficiency and see what needs replacing. It costs $28.97 at Home Depot, but you may be able to find it cheaper!  It's amazing to think how much money this could save you in energy costs!

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