Friday, January 13, 2012

Walgreens Nice! House Party

I was chosen for the Walgreens Nice! Shopping Made Easy House Party.  This is the 4th House Party I've been chosen for.  I love doing house parties because it gives me a great excuse to get my friends and family together and share something with them.  Such a fun way to try new products and get the word out for companies.  I got my party pack yesterday filled with all sorts of great stuff.  It included:

- Nice! Shopping Tote
- Nice! Quick Oats
- Nice! Raisins
- Nice! Baking Soda
- Nice! Cinnamon
- Flower Seed Packet
- Nice! Zipper-Seal Storage Bags
- Nice! Traditional Snack Mix
- Nice! Microwave Popcorn
- Nice! Trail Mix and Natural Almonds in Single-serve Snacks for guests
- Nice! Sturdy Cups
- Nice! Shopping List Pads for guests
- Nice! Coupons
- Each member who comes and registers will also get a free DVD rental from a Redbox ( at Walgreens locations)

I like generic items and I love Walgreens so I am excited about this party.

You can go HERE to apply for a house party.

I've only applied to 6 house parties and was chosen for 4 of them so you definitely have a good chance at being chosen!

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