Friday, June 01, 2012


JCPenney was one of my favorite places to go because I always had a coupon in hand and pairing that with their uber cheap clearance sales I got awesome deals on clothes.  However, back around the first of the year they did away with coupons completely.  None, whatsoever.  When I heard this I do believe my soul was crying.  JCPenney was my go to place for back to school clothes.  They call this change their Fair and Square policy.  So, to compensate for the lack of coupons they say they have drastically lowered all of the prices on their products.  Shipping is always free when you ship to the store or free with $50 purchase. Their excuse for the change is so that those who don't use coupons can get a good deal also.

My feelings were hurt.  No coupons?  So, I steered clear of JCPenney for months.  I used my MyPoints credits to get $50 gift cards from The Children's Place instead of JCPenney like I used to do.  I've been deleting the emails I get from JCP until today.  Something caught my eye.  The email said $5 Boy's Arizona Polos.  $5 for Arizona Polos was a really good deal for brand new clothing.  I opened the email and scanned the prices.  And to my surprise they were quite good.  They also had a.n.a. tees for only $10 (my fave brand from them.)  Junior's shorts were $10, bras for $10, and men's Arizona jeans for only $12.  I was shocked.  Now I wish I had still used my points for JCPenney gift cards even though the point ratio is a little higher.  A $50 gift card to JCP is 7,100 whereas the $50 gift cards to The Children's Place were only 6,450 each.

The point of my little story is that if you were like me and shunned JCPenney for their change in coupon policy you should really check them out again.  The prices are in fact Fair and Square. ;o)

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