Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ThredUp Review

ThredUP is an online kids consignment shop, where you can save money (and time!) on all your favorite children's clothing brands.  You'll find GAP,Gymboree, Mini Boden, Ralph Lauren and much more at up to 75% off retail prices.  ThredUP clothing is hand-selected by quality assurance specialists, packaged with care and sent right to your door. That means you'll lighten your family's carbon-footprint and save money - all without leaving the house.
And the best part? When your little one outgrows her clothes, thredUP wants 'em back! Order a thredUP bag, fill it with quality outgrown items, put it on your doorstep, and earn 20%-40% of each item's resale value. It's a revolving door for kidsclothing - out with the outgrown, and in with the like-new!

ThredUp recently contacted me with a code for $20 off their new site along with free shipping just to try them out.  After browsing around I found lots of items that I absolutely loved, but five items that I had to have.  I got three shirts for Madison, two shirts for Conner, and a pair of shorts for Mitch.
The total came to $21.94.  The brands included in my purchase were Circo, Genuine Kids, Old Navy and Girl Friends.  When I received the items I was thoroughly impressed.  There were no stains, tears or obvious sign of wear on any of them.  They looked brand new.  And I like the way they packed the box.

I also ordered a bag to send back my used children's clothes to sell.  It's $4.95 for the bag, but you're fully refunded when they receive your bag.  I just sent off a huge bag of carefully picked clothes and I'll let you know how it goes with selling them.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the new method that they have come up with in selling used children's clothing.  Now if you're interested in trying it out you can go HERE and get $5 off your first order or if your order is larger you can use the code TU10 to take 10% off.
Let me know what you think!

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  1. ThredUp used to work differently: for a small fee, you'd get a whole box of similarly sized clothes. I think it was $5 or $10?? The box was a USPS Priority Mail small box -- a great deal for little $$!

    Lately I'm not finding deals on their site after they started selling clothing the new way. Though I'm not in any way brand-conscious... maybe someone who is would think it's worth it. In my opinion, $5 + shipping for one used t-shirt is far too much money! I'd rather spend $2 for one at Target! But that's just me. :)

  2. I agree. I hate the new thredup. I was a member for a long time when we were swapping boxes among moms. Then, I could get a stuffed box of used clothing for about $17. Now, they want $10 for a pair of used Old Navy Jeans or $11 for one used dress by Gymboree. I can get those jeans new in store on sale for the same, and with gymboree sales and coupons I can pay the same $10 for a new dress. Thredup pricing for used items is sky high. My local thrift store is far better, seeing nice used jeans for more like $5. Now, there is as the tu alternative and it's starting to look like their online prices are going to be more reasonable. But still...there's the shipping cost to factor in. But at least single items are not priced so ridiculously as tu!

  3. I just received my first order and I was very impressed! The clothing was in MINT condition and I also loved the packaging. No complaints here. I personally find Target's clothing to be pretty cheaply made (circo) I would rather pay for the good brand names at a hugely discounted price, I love this company:)

  4. Amy, I am interested in hearing about your experience in sending clothes to threUp to consign. If it is like my experience you will find that most items are rejected, disappear, listed under someone else's name and that customer service is poor.

  5. Now you can get 35% Off + Free Shipping on Your First Purchase at Use Code KPC35 through 6/30/13 ! :)