Friday, July 27, 2012

Publix Trip - Take Two

Ok, so I was getting some backlash from people on Facebook about my purchases at Publix yesterday.  Here are a couple of comments:

 "But it's all junk food. Sugary cereal, Doritos, Combos, Raman noodles, and sugary juice."

"This looks like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, fats, really isn't that expensive to make healthy choices..."

I did not realize that my posts were sending out that signal.  Because I honestly do not eat a lot of junk nor do I let my kids eat a lot of it.  I limit their sugar intake so much so that I have been called mean even by other parents.  I just find it really hard to pass up a good deal so if it's a steal it will make its way into my cart.  I have even bought Depends when they've been on clearance even though I have no bladder control issues.  If I can't use something I get on sale I will find someone who can use it.

 I'm not the kind of person that sits around worrying about what people think of me or say about me.  I realized long ago that no matter what you do in this world someone will inevitably find fault in it.  There's no way around it.  But these comments bothered me last night.  I really don't want people to think that you can only get junk with coupons.  And most of all I don't want people thinking that I only feed my family junk.  This is not the case at all. 

So, I planned a mini trip to Publix to grab things that are "healthier choices" with coupons.  It wasn't a big trip because I didn't have much time to plan for it.  Plus, I had to do my shopping today with three kids in tow and that's never easy.  Here's what I got:

(1) Gluten Free Corn Chex Cereal $3.69
(used $1.50/1 Publix printable that came in my email)
(used $.50/1 coupon from the 7/15 SS insert - doubled to $1/1)
made it $1.19

(6) Stonyfield Organic 0% Fat 6oz Yogurts 10/$6 (reg. $1 each)
(used $.50/3 printable from HERE - doubled to $1/1)
made them $.27 each

(2) Ragu Pasta Sauces B1G1 $1.99
(used $.50/1 coupons I got at the Commissary - doubled to $1/1)
made them FREE

(2) Smart Balance Fat Free Milks $2.50 (reg. $3.99 each)
(used B1G1 coupon from Facebook)
made them $1.25 each

(2) Sabra Hummus To Go Packs with Pretzels $1.99
(used $.55/1 coupons from the Pepsi insert)
made them $1.44 each

(2) Quaker Chewy Granol Bars with 25% Less Sugar B1G1 $2.41
(used $.75/2 coupon from the Pepsi insert)
made them $.83 each

(2) Smuckers Grape Jelly 50% off $2.69
(used $.35/1 coupons from the 6/10 RP insert)
made them $.65 each

(2) Elmer's Glue Sticks 3 pack 3/$2 (reg. $1.99 each)
(used $1/1 printables from HERE)
made them FREE plus overage

(1) Starkist Tuna pouch $1.29 (reg. $1.47)
(used $1/1 printable no longer available)
made it $.29

(1) bunch of bananas $1.76 (pic is missing two bananas that the kids ate on the way home)
(3) Premium peaches $3.44 (reg. $5.18)
(used $1 off $5 produce competitor coupon
made it $4.20

Total before sales & coupons:  $48.22
Used $5 off $25 Save-a-lot competitor coupon
Paid:  $9.94

So, as you can see you can still get healthier foods with coupons.  I put this list together along with coupons in under an hour.  I'm sure there are a lot more deals that I missed. 
I would also like to add that we are a very active family.  We play golf, baseball, bowling, fishing, boating and my hubby and I also do the P90X program.  So, just because I post an occasional deal about some junk food does not mean that I load my family up on nasty stuff.  I have an addiction to saving money with the need to share it.  ;o)

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