Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Contact Lenses

Question from a reader:

I had a quick question.  I wear contacts and am spending a fortune on them.  Do you have any tips that can save me some money?  Thanks!


Hey, Lizzy!  I wear contacts as well.  And I agree they can get costly.  I've been wearing them for 15 years and learned that there is one brand that works well for me - Acuvue 2.  Everytime I get my eyes examined they always throw the newest and most expensive contacts at me.  And I have tried them all, but I always go back to the Acuvue 2.  Granted Acuvue 2 may not be your fave brand, but know that most places are going to throw the bigger priced items at you to make more money.  So make sure you try the lower priced contacts as well just to feel them out.

As far as buying contacts I usually buy from VisionDirect.com.  Right now you can take 25% off your order with the code 25NEW and I always shop thru Ebates to get 8% cash back.  Vision Direct also gives you 5% cash back to spend at Drugstore.com.  I then submit a claim with our FSA because contacts qualify for FSA reimbursement.

Walgreens also has a nice coupon code right now.  If you prefer you could use the code SEASON20 to take 20% off your order and shipping is free when you purchase contacts from them.  Shop thru Ebates to get 3.5% cash back.

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