Monday, December 31, 2012

Easy Ways To Earn Extra Cash in 2013

The cost of pretty much everything is expected to rise in the year 2013.  So, I'm sure many will be looking for ways to earn extra money along with saving money where they can.  I made a list of the ways I make a little extra cash throughout the year.  You won't get rich, but every little bit helps.

Bing - Get credits for doing searches. Right now you get one credit for each two searches you do up to 15 credits a day.  A lot of times they offer double credits.  Once you get to Gold status it's only 475 credits to get an Amazon gift card. 

SwagBucks - Earn Swag Bucks for doing searches, polls, surveys, watching videos and lots more.  I use my bucks to get the $5 Amazon Gift Card which is the best deal for your bucks.

MyPoints - Earn points for opening the newsletters and visiting sites.  You can also get points for doing surveys and making purchases through the site.  This year alone I earned enough points to get $120 in gift cards.

InboxDollars - You get $5 just for signing up.  You need to have at least $30 to cash out.  It takes a few months to get enough, but it's totally free money.  When you cash out they will charge you a $3 processing fee, but you're still ahead $2 because they give you $5 to start with.  I've been using this site for years.

Mindfield Online - Earn cash by doing surveys.  You can cash out when you get $5 in your account.  I have gotten chosen for many studies from this site and even earned $150 for 30 minutes of my time once.  I LOVE this site!

Survey Savvy - Earn cash by doing surveys. I get lots of survey offers and you can cash out at any time.  They will send you a check.  This is another of my favorite survey sites.

MySurvey - Earn points when you do surveys.  They have lots of prizes that you can choose from including Amazon Gift Codes and PayPal deposits.

Ebay - Sell your stuff on Ebay.  Most people have tons of stuff laying around the house that they don't use.  And you know the old saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure."  I've done well with selling items on Ebay.  It does take some time to research how much to ask and how much to charge for shipping, but worth the time.  Keep in mind that shipping charges are expected to rise as well in 2013 and that will have to be factored into how much you charge.

Jingit - Watch short videos and answer a few questions to earn cash.  It's a super way to earn a little extra.

*These are all legit sites.  I use them all and wouldn't put them on here if I didn't trust them.*

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