Saturday, January 05, 2013

So...I Banned Pop-Tarts...

I hate Pop-Tarts.  I really do.  My kids love them, though.  I don't like that there's 16 grams of sugar in each one.  But I fell into the "They're cheap and it's so easy to just give them a Pop-Tart in the morning" routine.  However, I did not realize how many of them my oldest son was eating.  He finally fessed up and told me he would eat 4 each morning before school. What?! That's 64 grams of sugar! Uh..uh...  Not gonna happen again!  So, today as they were eating the very last three Pop-Tarts in the house I smiled at them and said "I hope you enjoyed them."  They are officially banned.  Man, oh, man you should have heard the fussing and moaning.  I explained that it's a new year and it's going to be a healthy year for us.  Cheesy?  Absolutely.  But they'll thank me for it one day.

Here's our new breakfast menu items:

I made a humongous batch of  whole grain pancakes and froze them.
Popping them in the microwave in the mornings will be easy.

I cooked two large packages of sausage patties and a large batch of biscuits and froze them to make breakfast sandwiches.

We'll have oatmeal and also fruits like bananas, apples and oranges.

We'll also have grits, eggs, bacon and whole wheat toast.

Welcome to the year of No Pop-Tarts.
My new name is "Meanie Pants Mommy."
I like it.

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  1. Four pop tarts?!? Man, he must have a huge appetite. If I eat two of them I am stuffed. We are guilty of eating pop tarts around here too.

  2. He can put away some food! I don't really mind the Pop-Tarts here and there, but I can't let him eat four of them before school. They are still mad at me about it too - days later!