Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Growing up there was an Easter that sticks out in my mind the best.  Our school system has always had Spring Break the week after Easter.  So, when I was little (7 years old I think) my parents decided at the last minute that we would spend Easter and Spring Break on vacation.  So we packed up and headed to the mountains of North Carolina.  That's where we went every summer also.  It was a blast.  On Easter Sunday most restaurants were closed so we ate at the Waffle House.
And beside this Waffle House was a little field.  I wasn't sad at all that I had missed hunting eggs, but my Momma and Daddy went out and hid the Easter eggs in that field.  We grabbed some Walmart shopping bags and went to hunting.  It was a perfect Easter to this 7 year old and it wasn't the conventional Easter.  We were all together and that's what it's really about.
Happy Easter my friends!
I'll be occupado today doing crazy stuff like baking my third batch of cupcakes, hiding eggs and eating too much.
Love you all!

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