Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Gorgeous Cupcakes on the Cheap

Those who see my Publix hauls know that I get a lot of cake mixes for uber cheap or free.  I also make lots of cupcakes for family get togethers, when we have friends over and for school parties.  While I was at Kroger the other night I was mighty tempted to pick up their 24 pack of cupcakes for my daughter's Easter Party at school.  The price tag on this pack of cupcakes was $16.95.  I also knew that I had 12 boxes of cake mix in my pantry and 6 tubs of icing - no lie.  Why pay $16.95 when I can make them for just a few dollars?

Back before Christmas I was doing some shopping on Amazon (like always) and I needed something else to get my order over $25 to get the free shipping.  So I added the
Wilton 12-Piece Cupcake Decorating Set to my cart because I had been debating on getting it anyway.  I'm glad I did.  This little kit has been a lifesaver in my cupcake making world.  It's super simple to makes plain old cupcakes gorgeous.  My cupcakes now look like they were bought in the store!  I like that.  I used this kit to make our Easter cupcakes and they turned out wonderful. 

Since the 50 pack of Wilton 12 inch Disposable Decorating Bag Dispenser Box, pack of 50 costs just $12.00.  I am estimating that the bags cost about  $.24 each.  The box of cake mix was free after coupons.  I paid $.50 for the Duncan Hines Frosting Starter and the Frosting Flavor Packet was free after coupons.  The pack of 24 cupcake liners cost $1.  I got the eggs $.99 for a dozen at Walgreens last week - making each egg $.08.  I used three of them for the mix.  The butter cost me $1.25 for four sticks - making each stick $.31.  I used one for this mix.  The Easter sprinkles cost $1.88 and I used about 1/4 of the bottle - making it $.47. I'm not going to include the price of the kit because I can use the tips indefinately - or until I lose them which is always a possibility in a house with three kiddos, plus I used Amazon eGift Card codes to get it which means I didn't really pay anything out of pocket for it.
That makes my batch of 24 cupcakes cost the grand total of  $2.76.

Roll the bag down like the below picture and don't fill it up all the way or it'll come out the end and make a nasty mess. Trust me, I know. ;o)

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