Friday, May 03, 2013

Just a Little Q&A

I have two questions that I got on the same day from two different email addresses.  It just seemed funny.

Question number 1:

"Why don't you just get a job making money instead of working so hard at saving money.  The rest of us working people don't like paying for you to sit on your butt."  

  I learned long ago that there will always be people out there who don't agree with everything I do.  I'm cool with that.

I like pretty, shiny things as much as the next girl.  Really, I do.  But the difference between me and them is that I'm OK with not having those things if it means more for my children.  I would love to go on big shopping sprees, but I know that at this moment me being home with my kids is more important than that really gorgeous dress I saw in the store.  It really was a spectacular dress.  It was a pretty chevron print maxi  dress with a cute little crochet sweater to go with it.  Anyway, my babies are only little for so long.  I may regret putting too much salt into the food, parking my car in that really tiny parking space and right now I'm really regretting that breakfast burrito I ate.  But I will never regret the time I spend with my kids. Ever.

Bottom line?  It was a family choice for me to stay home for a few years.  I am not receiving government assistance in any way shape or form so that means that me staying home temporarily isn't taking a single penny out of your pocket.  I am heading back to work next year when my youngest starts school.  That was my plan all along.  Until then let me keep doing my thing and you do yours.

Question 2:

"This may seem nosy but I was wondering if you make money from this blog."

That's not a nosy question at all.  And the answer is yes.  I do make money from this blog.  Does it make me rich?  Nope.  Not even close. The money that I do make from this blog definitely helps our family out.  It's not what one would call a "steady income" because each month is different.  For instance, my blog traffic picks up around Christmastime because people want to save money that time of year.  Therefore, I make more money during that time.  Some months are better than others.  The main reason I do this blog is to help others out and for the first couple of years of blogging I made no money.  Honestly, for the first year I had no clue that I could even make money blogging.  

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