Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Get 'Em While They're Cheap

Back to school time offers deals on many products.  Here is a list of items you'll want to stock up on now because the prices will go back up in a month or so:

- School Supplies - Items like notebook paper, pencils, folders, calculators, printer paper, crayons and glue

- Dorm Room essentials - Even if you're not going to be living in a dorm room you can still get good deals on things like sheets, comforters, furniture and decor.

- Clothing - Retail stores are wanting your business right now.  They know that kids need clothes for school so they throw out good coupons and deals this time of year.  Both Hanes and Fruit of the Loom have packages out with 2 or 3 extra pairs of socks or underwear in them plus they're on sale.  Great time to stock up.

- Paper and Storage Supplies - You can get really good deals on storage supplies like rubbermaid tubs and even Ziploc bags.  I got a box of 250 Ziploc bags the other day from Walmart for only $4.00 a box after coupons.  In a month or so it'll go up to nearly $15 or even more.

- Breakfast Foods and Lunchbox Supplies - A lot of the stores are offering value packs of cereals, breakfast bars and snacks to pack in lunch boxes.  Pair these bigger boxes at reduced prices with your coupons and you can get some good deals per ounce.

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