Wednesday, October 09, 2013

We Were Ghosted!

Two of my neighbors will be getting these tonight.

Each year around Halloween our neighborhood participates in this fun little activity called being "Ghosted."  Basically, what you do is make a little bucket or bag of treats with a letter explaining what it is with directions and leave it on your neighbors doorstep.  You're supposed to ring the doorbell, but the fun is all in the anonymity.  If you ring the doorbell it's really hard to get away without them seeing who you are. Unless you're me.  Stealth is my middle name.  But the kids always insist on doing it with me and they couldn't hide in the bushes without giggling and giving us away.

I fill the buckets with candy, Halloween themed note pads, Halloween candy sacks, cookie mixes and really anything I think my neighbors could use.  Wally World has a cute little $.97 section that you can get goodies from.  It's not an expensive thing to do and it's really fun!

If you would like to start this little game in your neighborhood I found a site HERE that has the printouts for you.

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