Friday, November 08, 2013

Quick Publix Trip 11-8-13 (and a correction)

It never fails.  I make my weekly Publix trip only to come home and see brand spanking new coupons sitting in my inbox - like the Kraft Mayo coupon which is B1G1 this week.  Plus, yesterday as I was showing my stash of cookie mixes to my son he says "That's great, Mom.  Why didn't you get more of the Double Chocolate Chunk?"  Then I went on the "some people in this world don't even have cookie mixes" spill and told him we should be grateful for what we have.  He looks at me and says "So, can you pick up some more Double Chocolate Chunk tomorrow?"  To which I replied "Yeah." 

Before I start on this little trip I wanted to say that I made a teensy little mistake on yesterday's post.  The $2/1 coupon I used for the Colgate Mouthwash was for the Liter sized bottle which is not on sale for $3. Not sure how I and the CS person missed this.  So, if you want this deal this week your best bet is to use the $2/1 coupon along with the $1/1 Target coupon to get the Liter sized Colgate for $1.99.  Since you can't use the $2/1 coupon on the smaller size you'll only be able to use the Target coupon for $1/1 making the smaller bottle $2.  It's a better deal to get the Liter sized bottle for a penny less.  I'm really sorry about that, guys.  I tried to pay Publix back today when I went, but they wouldn't take it.  I try really hard not to be one of those couponers, but I guess we all make mistakes.

Ok, on to this mini trip:

(6) SpaghettiO's B1G1 $1.45
(used $.40/3 printables from HERE - doubled to $.80/3)
made them $.45 each

(2) Kraft Mayo B1G1 $4.57
(used $.50/1 printables from HERE - doubled to $1/1)
made them $1.28 each

(2) Welch's Grape Jelly B1G1 $2.59
(used $.50/1 peelies)
made them $.29 each

(2) Milk Bone Dog Treats B1G1 $3.39
(used $.75/1 Target printables from HERE)
(used $1.50/2 from Publix Paws email)
made them $.19 each

(1) Sunlight Detergent $1.39
(used $.50/1 printable from HERE - doubled to $1/1)
made it $.39

(4) Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes B1G1 $2.49
(used $1/2 peelies)
(used $1.50/2 Publix coupon from in store)
made them FREE

Total before sales & coupons:  $41.15
Paid:  $6.67

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