Saturday, November 30, 2013

Yoplait Weekly Snack Swap Week 2

For most kids, having an after school snack while talking about their day at school is part of their daily routine, but why not opt for a smarter choice rather than cookies or chips?

Recently, I was contacted by General Mills and asked to do the Yoplait Weekly Snack Swap.  Each Thursday for one month I will swap out an unhealthy snack for a Yoplait Original Yogurt.  I'll then post my results.

Week #2
Since Thursday was Thanksgiving we didn't do the Weekly Snack Swap, but we did do it on Friday.  This week I swapped out their usual Little Debbie Snack for a Mountain Blueberry Yoplait Original yogurt.  As suspected, they were not at all receptive to this swap.  They did as I asked and ate the yogurt, but they weren't happy about it.  I was happy about it though.  And this is why:

Total Fat:
Debbie Snack:  10g
Yoplait Original:  1.5g

Debbie Snack:  0% daily value
Yoplait Original:  20% daily value

Vitamin A:
Debbie Snack:  0%
Yoplait Original:  15%

Debbie Snack:  1g
Yoplait Original:  5g

Debbie Snack:  100mg
Yoplait Original:  85mg

f you would like to join me in the Yoplait Snack Swap you can download a coupon HERE for $.60 off three (3) cups of any variety of Yoplait yogurt.

Disclosure:  I was provided the coupons for free Yoplait yogurt for this post.  All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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