Friday, December 20, 2013

My Coke Zero Alternative

In an attempt to lower my sugar intake I switched from regular Cokes to Coke Zero.  Then I got an email with a list of health hazards from drinking diet sodas.  A few of the risks included:

Kidney problems

Metabolic Syndrome

Leaching of calcium out of your bones

Enamel erosion

Now, I'm sure there's lots of debate about how unhealthy it is, but I'm not taking any chances.  We really all know that any type of cola (regular or diet) is not good for you.  So, in order to cut out all of the mess I just started drinking water.  And I tell you...I'm not a fan of just plain water.  I tried all kinds of things to beef up my water and make it more desirable, but no such luck.  No matter how much better it was for me I really wanted a diet soda.  Bad.

Then one day I found a good deal on Hansen's Sparking Water on Amazon.  I got a 24 pack of  12 oz cans for only $10.45 after Subscribe and Save and shipping was free with my $35 order - making each can only $.43.  Hansen's drinks tend to be pricey in stores and I've never even seen the Sparkling Water.  I thought maybe that this twist on water might make me happy.  I did like the fizz of the sparkling water, but it still didn't have the sweetness that my sweet tooth needed.  Then it hit me!  I have 8 bottles of MiO in my fridge.  Voila!

I put the MiO in my Hansen's Sparkling Water and that was it.  It was the healthy alternative I had been looking for.  Yay!
If you're looking for a healthier drink then I highly recommend you trying this out.
I love it!

You can even find the MiO on Amazon!

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