Friday, January 24, 2014

Storing Your Produce

When I got home from shopping yesterday I couldn't fit all of the produce in my fridge.  I was pretty pleased to have that problem. ;o)  And although I was happy about all the healthiness in my fridge it was a hot mess and had no organization to it which seriously upset my OCD.  So, I spent this morning cleaning and organizing it.

First, I started by making fruit salads.  Our Dollar General had 4 packs of Rubbermaid containers for $2 as an unadvertised deal which came in handy.  I pulled all the goodies out of the fridge, put them on the counter and went to cleaning and cutting.  I had my play list blaring in the background while I was dancing and slicing away.  Before I knew it I had six large containers full of fruity goodness.  When the kids got home from school I loved being able to just grab a container and dip some out.

Next, I sliced up the peppers.  After messing around with the other containers I realized that the pineapple containers would work nicely.  I cleaned them and placed a paper towel in the bottom to absorb the juices.  Peppers tend to get a little slimy when they sit in liquid.  Gross.

The rest of the fruits and veggies made their way into little containers for easy grabbing.

It took me a little less than an hour to prepare and store the produce for the week.  Now it will be easy to just grab what I need quick like and go.  I do love convenience.

You can print a handy produce storage list from HERE.  Learning how to properly store your fruits and veggies prevents waste - both food and money!

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