Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Mini Publix Trip 3-4-14

My hubby left his wallet at home this morning so I had to take it to him and since we were in town we ate lunch.  After lunch I headed over to Publix to pick up a few things that we got coupons for over the weekend.  I wouldn't have made a special trip for this stuff, but I was already near the store.  This isn't the usual Publix that I go to.  My favorite Publix is a little "out of the way" but I like it and it takes Target as a competitor.  I will say that half the stuff I went in for they were completely out of.  I mean on every aisle there was at least one shelf that was completely cleared.  Even the Pop-Tart aisle was nearly empty and they're not even on sale this week.  It was crazy.  I was happy that they had ample stock in the Progresso Soups and Chips Ahoy cookies.
Here's what I did get today:

(4) Progresso Soups B1G1 $1.95 
(used $1/1 printable from HERE - zip 77477)
made them FREE plus overage

(4) Zatarain's Rice Mixes $1 (reg. $2.09)
(used $.50/1 printables from HERE - doubled to $1/1) try zip 12345 if still available
made them FREE

(2) Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Creations cookies B1G1 $2.89
(used $1/2 printable from HERE)
made them $.94 each

(4) sweet onions $4.41

Total before sales & coupons:  $26.35
Paid:  $6.20

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