Monday, May 05, 2014

Help Your Local Schools

Each year the public school systems face more and more budget cuts.  I know that our local school system has lost a lot of funding and I'm sure that goes for other systems as well.  There are ways that you can help and it doesn't take a lot of effort.  This school year alone I have turned in a little over $100 worth of just Box Tops.  Imagine if each family sent in $100 worth of Box Tops to their school system - or even $50 worth.  Those little 10 cent stamps add up quickly.  There are many other ways to help out in addition to Box Tops.  I made a little list of programs that contribute to schools.  All it takes is a few seconds, a pair of scissors and it does a world of good for the schools and our children.

Here's the list of programs:

With Box Tops For Education you can clip the little stamp from participating products and send them to your school or you can even contribute by doing your online shopping through their website.  You can even log in, select your school and see how much money your school has received.
Earn extra Box Tops by shopping thru Walmart's Earn More For My School website. Shopping through this site gives extra eBoxTops when you buy qualifying products.
Shop thru Safeway's 2 Ways 2 Earn to earn extra eBox Tops for your school
Shop thru HEB's Cash For Your Education website to earn bonus eBox Tops.

Collect points from participating products and send them to your school.  Plug in your zip code and see how much your school has raised.

Clip the Tyson Project A+ labels from participating products and send them to your school.  Each label is worth $.24 which is paid to the school in cash when they receive at least 100 labels.  You can go HERE to look up your school.

Register your Hometown Rewards key by linking it to your school of choice.  Most schools give out their code at the beginning of the school year, but if you didn't get one you can log into your account and find it by a search.  When you shop at Harvey's with your Rewards Key your school earns points and those points can be redeemed for free educational items from their catalog.

When you purchase Coca-cola products you can enter the codes found on them into the MyCokeRewards website.  You can use those points to get prizes or if you like you can donate them to your local schools.  Then your school can use the points to get items like art supplies and sports equipment.

Clip the UPC/Proof of Purchase seal from Community Coffee bags.  Send them to your school.  Each UPC is worth 10 cents.  The money is given to the school and can be used however it is needed.  You can find the 2014 year instructions HERE.

Register your school of choice with your Target REDCard.  When you make purchases at Target and 1% is donated to your school.  The money is then sent to your school by form of a check.  You can find the FAQ section HERE.

Log into your account and link to your school.  Your purchases earn money for your school (or other organization.)

Earn 5% Back To Schools when you present your school's ID number when you checkout online, over the phone or in store.  Your school then gets that 5% in credits to get the supplies it needs.

A lot of schools also accept old electronics (like cell phones) and empty ink cartridges that they can in turn get money for.  So, if you have some of these lying around you can check with your school.

Every little bit helps!

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