Saturday, January 14, 2012

Organization Is Key

Like most people on Earth I have fallen into the "just put it somewhere" trap in life.  When you're in a hurry you sometimes just chunk stuff somewhere without any rhyme or reason.  My pantry and medicine cabinet have become awful.  When I sit down at the computer to work I am thinking about the state of my cabinets and pantry and can't really concentrate.  When I opened up my medicine cabinet to get a band-aid yesterday a bottle of Dayquil fell and clocked me in the head.  This just was NOT working.  Something had to be done...So, I organized my mess.
Wanna see?

Medicine Cabinet Before:

Medicine Cabinet Now:

Pantry Before:

Pantry Now:

While cleaning it all out I found some expired things that I put in the recycling bin and I donated some items that I knew I wouldn't use.  This is the most naked my pantry has looked since I moved in!
You should regularly clean out your pantry and use up things that are about to expire. Don't want to waste it - that would be like throwing money away!
And you definitely don't want to use expired medications so be sure to clean out your medicine cabinet.

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