Thursday, January 05, 2012

Private Selection Review

As a member of BzzAgent I was chosen to try Kroger's Private Selection line of food.  I had never tried any of their products so I was really excited.  I got coupons to try a pizza, appetizer and dessert for free.  They also sent me coupons to share with family and friends. 
For the appetizer I chose the Southwestern Style Chicken Trumpets.  I found that the cooking time listed was a little long for my oven so mine got a little too crispy, but they still tasted delicious.  And my children were begging for more even though they were overdone.

I chose the Pepperoni & Roasted Garlic Pizza.  It honestly tasted like a homemade pizza.  The flavors went well together and my whole family liked it.  I will definitely be buying more.  And they will be a first choice for me for our next get together.
As for the dessert I chose the mini eclairs.  Oh-My-Goodness.  They were awesome.  So much so that I had to go back to Kroger the next day and buy more.  A lot more.  They were the best deal for the price by far!
Disclosure: BzzAgent provided me with the coupons to try these products and with coupons to give away.  All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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  1. Those look so good-wish we had Kroger here!! Happy Bzzing!

  2. We tried the molten chocolate lava cakes. Now I will be getting me some of these eclairs. I also got the same appetizer and pizza as you got they we're both yummy.

  3. Looks and sounds AHHHHHmazing ! I wish there was a Krogers here in Baltimore Maryland . Thanks for sharing !!

  4. Hard to type with all the drool on the keyboard, and it isn't all from Toby! :)

    I called Fry's and these yummy Private Selections are available here, so I'm going to check them out on my shopping day!

    Thanks so much for letting us know!

    Jonnie & Toby (SD)

  5. Moo77hb: You can get them at any of Kroger's family stores. You can find a list of them at
    Tina: I'll be trying the lava cakes next. I heard they were delicious.
    Angie: Check to see if there's a chain store near you.
    Jonnie&Toby: They really were delicous. I enjoyed doing this review!