Saturday, January 07, 2012

School Programs

With all the budget cuts going on today schools are getting a hard hit.  Matter of fact, if I had stayed at my last employer I wouldn't have a job now because my position was cut last year.  They need all the help they can get.  How can you help?
Clip those boxtops, Labels for education and register your shopping cards.  Every little bit helps.
Taking a few seconds of clipping could make a big difference to a school.  It's another way to ensure you're getting the most for your money. 

Here are some programs that contribute to schools:

There are four ways to earn with BoxTops For Education.  You can clip the BoxTop labels from participating products, shop online through the site, earn eBoxTops and enter for bonus BoxTops.  Schools use these to get materials they need!
I love this program!

Clip UPC labels from participating products and send to your local school.  Schools can turn these in for educational merchandise.  You can also sign up to earn bonus points through your frequent shopping cards.

Clip and save labels from participating Tyson products and send them to your local school.  Schools can redeem them for cash.

Get 1% of your purchases made at Target with your REDcard donated to your school of choice.

Register your Hometown Rewards card and link your school of choice.  Your purchases at Harveys earns points.  Your school can use these points to get free education items they need.

Earn points for your school by making grocery purchases at Giant Food Stores.  At the end of the year your school of choice will receive a check for a percentage of your purchases.  You must register your Bonuscard.

With A+ School Rewards your school earns points from your purchases that become CASH for your school.  You must register your school and your card.

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  1. Don't forget MyCokeRewards for Schools, Community Coffee Cash for Schools, Kroger's to earn bonus Box Tops, Safeway's to earn bonus Box Tops, H.E.B.'s to earn bonus Box Tops, Wal-Mart's to earn bonus Box Tops, to earn additional Labels for Education points for your school and Office Depot's 5% Back to Schools reward program.