Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get Your Max Points

There are several websites that give you the chance to earn points or "bucks" and exchange them for prizes.  I've gotten several emails asking how do I get so many points in these programs.  So, I decided that I would give you a little run down on how to earn the max points on a few sites that I use.  I rarely purchase anything to get points because if I choose to buy something online I usually go through Ebates.  Most of these sites offer free trials for points or Bucks, but if you choose to do this make sure you have ample information to cancel before you are charged a fee when the trial period is over.  I usually don't bother with these.

- Open emails sent to your inbox - they're usually worth 5 points to open
- Do at least 30 searches each month on their search engine to get 75 points
- Refer your friends to get 25 points when they sign up.  Plus, get 750 points when they make a purchase of at least $20 and get 10% of what your friend earns.
- Share a Daily Deal to get 5 points per day.  To find this click on the "Deals" tab and then click on DealShare.  Under the Featured Deal of the Day you can find the Share info.
- Do surveys under the SurveyZone tab.
- Earn 10 points for each coupon you print and redeem.  Plus, earn an additional 25 points each month when you redeem 10 or more coupons.
I've been with MyPoints for years and have earned over 60,000 points which is over $40 worth of gift cards. Love, love, love them!

(most of this is found under the EARN tab on the main page)
- Do your daily searches through their site.
- Answer the Daily Polls for 1 Buck each day
- Scroll through the No Obligation Special Offers (NOSO) to the end to get 2 Bucks each day
- Watch the Daily Video on the front page for 2 Bucks each time you watch it.
- Check your messages for video offers.  I usually get one each day for 3 Bucks each.  You'll need to follow the directions and answer a quick question.
- Do the surveys they have available - they're usually 60 Bucks each.
- Refer your friends to earn what they earn (up to 1,000 Bucks each)
- Watch SwagBucks TV  to earn 3 Bucks for each 10 videos you watch
- Earn 10 Swag Bucks for each coupon you print and redeem.
- Do Tasks that ask you to do certain things like search for information to earn Bucks.
- Play Games to earn Bucks
I can't express how much I LOVE SwagBucks.  It's a great way to get that little something extra for FREE.  You only need 450 Swag Bucks to get a $5 Amazon eGift Card.

- Click on your daily emails sent to you to get points (differs each day)
- Click the SuperLucky button each day to get points. (you start out with 25 spins a day and it goes up when you move up)
- Watch videos for points.
- Do surveys when they are available
- Invite your friends to join - the more friends you have under you the more points you earn.
They offer several types of rewards.  I use my points to get the $10 PayPal rewards which are only 1,000 points.  Love this site.

- Open emails sent to you. They're usually worth 5 cents each.
- Earn 10 cents for each coupon printed and redeemed.
- Do surveys when they are available - $.50 each
- Refer your friends and earn a percentage of what they earn.
- Watch videos (found under the MORE tab) when they are available.
- Do daily searches through their site.  Earn $.01 for each two searches up to $.15 a day.  Plus, any week where you search four or more days, you will receive a $0.05 search loyalty reward. Gold Members will receive $0.10 for the search loyalty reward.
You get $5 for signing up and can cash out when you reach $30.  There's a $3 fee charged for processing, but you're still ahead by $2 because they give you $5 to start with.  Plus, after you cash out they give you another $3 to start with again.  I've cashed out with them 4 times and love this site.

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