Monday, June 04, 2012

$5 Credit For ThredUp

I've used ThredUp in the past and just ordered some things today.  They started a new "store" to buy gently used children's clothing.  I like this method better than the old one because now you can actually see what you are ordering whereas before you only had a list to go by without pictures.

I just ordered some really nice clothing and excited about getting them.  If you go HERE you can get $5 towards your first purchase.  Take your time and look around.  They have some really nice stuff!

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  1. I checked out the site. It's nice they have pictures now. I might have to do some shopping. I have shopped for years at other children's resale sites. They are great buys for families as big as ours. I'd rather have the extra money to spend on crafts or family vacations. You should also check out and they've been doing THRED UP since before it was cool. Great prices and super cute stuff on both sites!

  2. I shopped thred up before they changed their format. I bought a box with new items only. When they arrived the pants were missing the tags and had the appearance of being previously worn. I didn't like not knowing what I was getting and then feeling like I'd been ripped off.

    There's a lot of buzz on the blogs about thred up right now. They aren't the first ones to do this sort of thing so what's up? And the pics on the site look like the stuff just got rescued from the city dump. Not to be a basher or anything...just saying.

    I shop garage sales and thrift stores. I love a good deal. I've found some great things online too. Ebay before the auctions got crazy and the prices got so high. I tried but her rating system is flawed. I got batman pjs for my son and they said they were in "good" condtion but arrived all pilled up. Yuck.

    I have shopped babyoutfitter though since my daughter was almost 18 mos. They just did a site makeover and it's super cute. I also shop etsy for cute handmade stuff. Love the pillowcase dresses!

    -- Megan Ladera Ranch, CA