Sunday, June 03, 2012

Tea Tan?

I love the sun.  The sun does not love me.  Growing up I lived in the sun all summer long.  Sun up 'til sun down I lived outside soaking up every single ray.  In high school my best friend, Kim, and I would spend about 2-3 days a week each summer at the beach.  We'd take a cooler and a bag full of snacks.  We were nice and bronzed and I loved it.

A few years ago I had a mole on my back that popped up over night - literally.  I had it removed and luckily it wasn't cancerous.  That was just the start of my skin troubles.  At the age of 33 I am seeing and experiencing everyday how dangerous it was for me to live in the sun.  I have already had to have skin cancers removed.  That's craziness.  I no longer get in tanning beds and I don't go out into the sun without sunblock.  I do, however, sport a nice golden hue thanks to Tan Towels. ;o)

I've found that they give a nice non-orange glow, but they are a bit pricey.  I get a box for around $17 that has 10 half body towels in it.  They only last a few days so I go through them quickly.  While I was busy pinnin' stuff on Pinterest today I found something interesting.  Did you know that you can use brewed black tea to get a fake tan?  I had never heard that!

I am going to try it tomorrow and see how it goes.  I'll let you know.  If it works then that would save me some money!  You can go HERE to check it out.

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  1. Sounds familiar, funny how important tanning is when you are younger. I am 34 and have similar experiences. The other thing it did to me was make me OCD about my kids and sunblock. I remember growing up when SPF 15 was like heavy duty and you wouldn't think you were getting any sun. Now I start with SPF 50, but prefer SPF 70 to 100 for my kids.

  2. I'm the same way with my kids and I lecture them everyday about how harmful the sun can be.