Friday, July 13, 2012

Not Vegetarian, However...

Question from a reader:

First off thank you for your blog.  I like logging in and seeing your Publix trips.  I often just print out your post and head to the store.  I just had a question about your food.  I noticed that you purchase a lot of items that are mostly for vegetarians like the Morningstar patties.  Are you vegetarian?  If you are is it because of the cost of meat or health reasons?  I'm just curious.  Thanks, Meghan

I'm glad my trips help you out!  And to answer your question, no, I'm not a vegetarian.  However, I do in fact limit my meat consumption.  It started in college when I was taking an Environmental Biology class.  I did a project on how eating your fruits and veggies is good for your health and good for the environment.  Honestly, it was just a quick idea to get my assignment done.  I ate like a vegetarian for two weeks and recorded everything.  The fact was that I felt better without eating so much meat. I had more energy and pep in my step.  Before I get all kinds of lash back from all the meat lovers, know that I love meat as well.  My most fave thing to order at a restaurant is a big, fat juicy steak - medium well.  And I'm not saying that the results I saw from my experiment will be the same for everyone else.  I'm just saying I saw a difference in myself.  I ate vegetarian for a couple years after that until I met my hubby.  He's a big hunter so you can imagine that he loves meat.  I incorporate a little meat into my diet mostly because sometimes it's hard for me to fix two meals for my family.

As far as the cost goes I think being a vegetarian would be costly as well as eating meat.  Like meat, coupons for fresh produce are far and few between.  And a big bulk of our monthly grocery budget goes to my love of fruits and veggies.

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