Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our Frugal Activities This Summer

I've been asked a lot lately by those who know I have this blog what sort of frugal stuff we've been doing this summer.  At first I said not too much, but then later I realized that we actually have been practicing our frugality this summer.  Here's what we've been up to:
  • We went to the Jacksonville Zoo and only paid half price because the temperature was over 92 degrees.  Sweet! (50% savings)
  • We had a scavenger hunt - FREE! 
  • We went to the park a lot - FREE! 
  • We caught dragonflies and released them - FREE! 
  • We played in the sprinklers - we'll see how much it costed us when we get the water bill. ;o)
  • We've been checking out garage sales - FREE to look and cheap to get stuff we want. 
  • We went to the beach - only cost us gas money 
  • We did our own walking tour of Savannah - $4.99 for the walking tour book. (actually I used a Barnes & Noble gift card that my dad gave me so technically free...) 
  • We went to the library - FREE! 
  • We went to the movies - $4 plus $4.50 for the popcorn and $4.50 for drinks 
  • We camped out in our living room - FREE! 
  • We went fishing - cost us $3 for the worms 
  • We chased the geese at the lake - FREE plus extra fun hehehe (they're mean little suckers)

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