Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stock Up Now

It's Back To School time and all the retailers are scrambling to get your business.  Take advantage of this.  It's MUCH better to pay $.88 for a pack of filler paper now than to wait mid year and pay $3.  Yes, it will go up that much and maybe even higher.  Years ago, when Mitch first started school I wasn't aware of how much paper he would need and only bought three packs of filler paper at the beginning of the year.  I remember that I bought it on sale for only $.75 a pack.  A few months later he was out and I had to buy more.  I got a huge sticker shock when I had to pay $2.95 for the exact same paper I bought months earlier.  It's better to get too much because with most school supplies what you don't use this year you can still use next year.  Paper and pencils don't go bad.

I have a Rubbermaid tub that I pile all my school supplies in and when the kids need something they can get it out.  I keep it nice and stocked so that I won't have to ever make that mid year school supply trip again.  I just have to hide it from the little ones because they know it has crayons and markers in it.  ;o)

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