Friday, December 14, 2012

Great Deal on Macaroni Grill Gift Cards!

I got an email from Romano's Macaroni Grill that said an offer for their employees had been leaked so they are giving it to all customers.  The deal is you can get a $50 gift card for only $40 or  $100 in gift cards for only $75 using the code FRIENDS2012 at checkout. The best deal being the $100 in gift cards. Plus, on top of this you get $5 bonus gift cards for each $25 spent.  So, it's like getting a $100 gift card for only $55!  That, my friends, is an awesome deal!
You will have to pay $3.50 for shipping and handling, but this is still a jam up deal!

Buy a $100 gift card or four $25 gift cards
Use code FRIENDS2012 to take off $25
Pay $75 plus $3.50 s&h
Get a $100 gift card and four $5 bonus cards
= $58.50

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